C2E2 and all that.

Hello. I keep neglecting this whole “blogging” thing, which is pretty bad considering I just spent a weekend handing out business cards with the http://gdwessel.com domain plastered all over them.

(Which, if you’re reading this on the LiveJournal feed, you REALLY should just start going there, as I will finally be phasing out my LJ as an interactive means of communication. I’ve been trying to point you there, or Twitter, for a while now but nooooOOOOoooo…)

Anyway, you might have read I was at C2E2 the weekend of April 16-18. And I say that because it was posted all over Bleeding Cool that I was there. Bleeding Cool (and by proxy Avatar Press) actually hosted me at C2E2, in return for detailing my adventures trying to pitch a series and/or otherwise find work as a comic writer. You can read all about them here:

– Part 1: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/04/17/geoffrey-d-wessel-lifes-a-pitch-at-c2e2/
– Part 2: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/04/17/geoffrey-d-wessel-lifes-a-pitch-at-c2e2-2/
– Part 3: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2010/04/18/lifes-a-pitch-at-c2e2-3-with-geoffrey-wessel/

So, long story short, I got a tryout with Archie Comics doing a 5-page backup story. This has been written, and is off to some people for critique/beta-reading before submission to the editor.

In addition, my actual pitch, since it was for the most part not submitted, is in the process of being colored (since myself and the artist were up against it on time!) and we should (SHOULD) be submitting THAT by early next week at the latest.

Some other tidbits from C2E2:

* I hustled minicomics like there was no tomorrow, and actually finally got rid of most of the editions of There Is A Light that I printed up many months ago. Meanwhile, I suffered some whinger in the Breaking into Marvel panel complaining how hard writers have it. Yeah, well, HUSTLE YOUR STUFF THEN.

* Some of the hustling involved trading and/or giving away so as to leave samples with other companies. Part 1 above describes a particularly strange incident when I tried to do so with Marvel.

* In addition, due to an initial misunderstanding, I had the first time I ever have been accused of stealing my own work, when the fine folks at Topatoco queried me as to why I had copies of “John’s comic;” “John” being John Keogh, who works for Topatoco, and the “comic” of course being There Is A Light. Which I then explained I was, of course, the one who wrote it. “Ahhhh.” Nice folks, really, all around, once you get to know them.

* The only real bemusing moment from C2E2: seeing a costumed couple, a Lex Luthor dragging around a Supergirl on a chain/dog collar. Closer inspection revealed Supergirl having a black eye and bloodied lip. Nice. About as classy as the couple reenacting the WATCHMEN rape that Kieron Gillen posted from San Diego last year.

* I DID NOT GET TO SEE KICK-ASS. GRR!! The one TRUE complaint about the C2E2 setup: the location. McCormick Place does NOT have easy access to ANYTHING. The buses are a crapshoot, cabs are expensive, and the garage costs $19 per visit with no pass-outs. So, we were pretty much stuck there. By proxy, this also meant I missed two of the parties I had passes/invites to on Saturday night. Blarrrr.

* HOWEVER, the McCormick Place Hyatt meetup on Saturday night I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Avatar Press crew were awesome, and I DRANK WITH GARTH ENNIS. YES.

Since then, I’ve been busy as a bee. Writing the Archie tryout, as well as THREE one-pagers for a chance to do some paid work for Mark Millar, which I am now waiting on artists to do their things.

And working. Of course.

Coming in the next few days (or so) to http://gdwessel.com (the site you SHOULD be reading this at!) I’ll be reposting some previous accomplishments. Interviews, short fictions, etc. Join me there, won’t you?


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