RIP Frank Frazetta

I don’t have a whole ton of things to say about Frank Frazetta’s passing, but it is a low down dirty shame. His art was something I grew up looking at, Conan book covers and “Death Dealer” and all. Indeed, if it weren’t for John Buscema, his WOULD be the definitive look for Conan in my mind. Discovering his earlier pencil/ink comic work was a revelation tho. He was the template for so many artists I admire today.

But, there’s not much else I can add that others won’t be able to say better and with more authority. It’s shameful his last years have been fraught with family drama over the ownership of his art.

So, in summation, Frank Frazetta, rest in peace. He spawned a million shoddy imitators but his work was influtential, important, and essential. You can see his influence in everyone from Steve McNiven to Simon Bisley.

Truly, this world would have been poorer without him.

Bye, Frank.


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