What’s Up

It’s been a few minutes since I posted, which is pretty shameful since I have some actual news to share!

* Heard back from the editor at Archie Comics, for whom I sent a 5-page spec sample script for Sonic the Hedgehog at his request at C2E2. He basically said: “[The script] was hilarious! You set a really nice tone and your storytelling is spot on. As I may have mentioned it’s difficult for me to place new writers at the moment but as soon as an opening comes my way I’ll be sure to give you a shout.”

So, yeah, as of right now, I’m on STANDBY with Archie Comics. Excellent.

* It would seem I will be at both Wizard World Chicago in August AND the New York Comic Con in October! Wizard World, I may even be behind a table! There’s an anthology entitled A Fistful of Comics being put together by the folks at MillarWorld that I will have a story in. I submitted it as a 3-5pager, and got asked for 2 instead. Ulp. Well, who doesn’t like a challenge? Anyway, apparently not only will this get me actually BEHIND a table, but might get me into the con comped too. We’ll see! NYCC, well, going to have to plan that one a bit.

* Sending out pitches, still, with no real response (other than the one who wanted to give us $250 and 30% in exchange for full rights and no further royalties from any “development.” Ah, yeah, thanks but NO.). Also about to send some scripts off to the UK…

* Also still plugging away at possible submissions to Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine project, but no hits. Yet. If nothing else, I’ll have a nice little collection of short stories I can use elsewhere!

* In the same week we have the death of Ian Curtis and the birth of Morrissey. There’s some mystic significance there somewhere…

* Finally, if you haven’t yet, do check out Hadron Colliderscope, especially if you like short SF tales a la the ol’ 2000AD Future Shocks. I’ll have one there soon.


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