“Musique Non Stop”

The story of how this comic came to be is longer and possibly more interesting than the comic itself!

It all started when Phonogram writer Kieron Gillen casually mentioned that Matt Sheret was producing a Phonogram fanzine for San Diego Comic-Con 2009. Well, being that Phonogram is one of my favorite things EVER, naturally I had to get in on that.

So, I got the script cobbled together, and it remained pretty much as is. I sent it off to Matt Sheret, and in the meantime recruited my old bud Michael Vincent Bramley to draw the thing. Well, turns out, in the run-up time to the deadline, Michael contracted H1N1. It was that flu thingy people were worried about last year. Needless to say, that bollocked THAT plan up.

Enter John Keogh. I’d been bugging John for years (YEARS) to do something together, and finally one night on IM, a joke I made about imagining Morrissey being a vicious barbarian warlord in a past life turned into our minicomic There Is A Light. So, clearly this man was the right one to beg at the last second to draw this thing so I could be a published comic writer at San Diego Comic-Con International.

And he did, and it was absolutely fucking brilliant.
And it went into Phonogram Vs. The Fans, and it sold out. Tho really, I don’t think THAT was the reason it sold out.

Oh, and the title of course comes from Kraftwerk, from their 1986 album Electric Cafe. Great song, even if the video for it featuring floating disembodied vector-graphic heads kinda worried me as a kid. You see them represented in panel 5.

Click here to see full-sized comic


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  1. […] of barbarians, reincarnation, and Morrissey, drawn by John Keogh. – He and I also did this: “Musique Non Stop,” which ran in the celebrated Phonogram vs The Fans from a few years back. Still one of my absolute […]

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