Culture Bomb: 2010.07.11

CULTURE BOMB is something I hope to be a regular feature here: the best of free, downloadable pop culture content for your brain’s enjoyment. If you have anything to share with the rest of the class, please EMAIL to with the subject CULTURE BOMB.

* Please be aware: TODAY (Sunday 2010.07.11) is the LAST day to pre-order A Fistful Of Comics. After that, stay tuned for ordering info after the fact, or come to Wizard World Chicago in August. I can sign your copy then.

* The latest SUBNORMALITY strip, about the creative process, is eerily accurate.

* This isn’t free or downloadable but worth mentioning: PRISON FOR BITCHES, a Lady Gaga fanzine. Love that traditional photocopied zines are still produced in the internet age.

* Paul Cornell gave a dramatic reading of Action Comics #890 last week at Convergence 2010, and you can see/hear it for yourself now. Part 1, and Part 2

* Been waiting to see this one: Reign of Death, a short SF noir film, starring Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith from Doctor Who and Torchwood), is now online. Well worth the viewing.

* Internet rapper/DJ AKIRA THE DON has a new single: “Nah Nah Nah (feat. Chilly Gonzales + Mary Turner)”

* Good friend Rusty Redenbacher also not only as a new video for a new MUDKIDS single, “Think”, but he also just dropped a killer mix of old skool Detroit acid house.

* This is absolutely essential listening: a 2-part podcast about the new book Touch And Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 1979-1983. Featuring songs by Minor Threat, the Misfits, 999, Negative Approach, and more, it’s also a lot of Tesco Vee (The Meatmen) talking about the zine that would spawn one of my favorite record labels ever. This book will have every issue reprinted. Crucial stuff.


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