RIP Harvey Pekar

“Comics are just words and pictures. You can do anything with words and pictures”

Harvey Pekar died last night, at age 70. He was found by his wife and co-creator, Joyce Brabner.


Another one of the greats has gone. Pekar, despite not being an artist, revolutionized the idea of the autobiographical comic with American Splendor. Artists of all stripes, from Robert Crumb to Dean Haspiel, even Alan Moore drew a strip for him once.

More people with better things to say can eulogize him. I’ll just miss him, and his singular voice, and weep for his passing.

Some good things to check out:

* The Pekar Project – Pekar webcomics from SMITH Magazine, edited by good ol’ Jeff Newelt (“Jah Furry”). Includes a great twopart story drawn by Joseph Remnant, detailing Pekar’s trip to my (and Tom Spurgeon’s!) old stomping grounds, Muncie, Indiana.

* The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great overview of the man’s life and career, including the photo I swiped above.

* DC/Vertigo’s blog about Pekar.

* One of Pekar’s infamous appearances on David Letterman.

* NetFlix has the movie of American Splendor starring Paul Giamatti (sadly NOT as an Instant play)…

RIP Harvey.


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