Culture Bomb 2010.07.27

CULTURE BOMB is something I hope to be a regular feature here: the best of free, downloadable pop culture content for your brain’s enjoyment. If you have anything to share with the rest of the class, please EMAIL to with the subject CULTURE BOMB.

* Comics by Tyler Niccum. You can also download a full 250+-page autobio-graphic novel by him called Hinterland.

* “Tin-Plated Heart” by Ian Struckhoff & Francesca Da Sacco.

* Today being Tuesday, there’s a new Hadron Colliderscope out, this one might be my favorite yet in fact.

* Also, if you’d like to have an easy way to see all of MY comics out there, you can do so via Twitter, by searching the hashtag #comicbomb. You’re welcome.

* Matt Fraction (he what writes Casanova, Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men and soon to be Thor) gave an 8-minute performance for w00tstock at Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, entitled The Batman Dreams of Hieronymous Machines

* “The Glass Desert”, the debut piece for Weaponizer by author Andrew Stott.

* The photographic art of Pieter Hugo. Some of his photos are… “not pleasant.”

* VERY late to the party on this one, but my new favorite music site, RCRD LBL sends you an email newsletter daily with free, legal downloadable MP3s of new music. How can you argue against that? You can’t, so don’t even try.

* A new dub soundclash from the one, the only, Adrian Sherwood.

* Among the Gold, new downloadable album from Cheyenne Marie Mize & Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

* Another free downloadable album: The Reluctant Graveyard by Jeremy Messersmith


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