This Is Why You Can’t Pitch To Marvel (or DC)

You see that there? That’s an agreement from then-Marvel-editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to one young buck named Randy Scheuller, who one day submitted what amounted to a piece of fan-fiction. Shooter and Tom DeFalco liked it. They tried to work with the kid. He couldn’t write for shit. So they bought it from him.

You might have heard of this idea: an intelligent, hyperpowering black costume for Spider-Man. Wonder how that turned out? (*ahem*VENOM*ahem*)

Schueller eventually wrote and gave his side of the story, tho all he ever wanted was acknowledgement. I think he’s a chemist now or something.

Anyway. Fellow breakers-in. That’s why. OK? Get over it.

(Thanks to Rusty Redenbacher who reminded me of this incident this morning)


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