Culture Bomb 2010.08.16

(Yes yes I know I’ve not posted in weeks. Sue me.)

CULTURE BOMB is something I hope to be a regular feature here: the best of free, downloadable pop culture content for your brain’s enjoyment. If you have anything to share with the rest of the class, please EMAIL to with the subject CULTURE BOMB.

* Lea Hernandez’s webcomic Near-Life Experience is a joy to read.

* The newest chapter of Murder Book by Ed Brisson and Simon Roy, “Skimming the Till”, has one of the best final pages I’ve seen in a while.

* Two people I know have webcomics debuting this week! Evan “Doc” Shaner has Red Clay, and fellow Indianapolis resident Kyle Latino brings us The Neptonian.

* Webcomic: Dick Fistus. Yeah, I know. Don’t ask.

* PIONEER ONE: if you’ve not seen this yet, DO SO. Hard SF TV pilot, funded via crowdsourcing (at Kickstarter). Links to download it via Bittorrent, or to watch it on YouTube. Bit of a suspension of disbelief issue, but otherwise very interesting concept, and I hope there’s an episode 2. Actually, I hope to WRITE an episode sometime.

* Did you go see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this past weekend? (Well, it seems a lot of people DIDN’T) Familiar with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels>? Then check out this animation from Adult Swim done in O’Malley’s style of a scene from the comic that DIDN’T make it into the movie.

* A 3-track EP by Boston-based group The Heartsleeves entitled “Peripheral People” which I link to despite the last track being a tribute to the hated New England Patriots…

* Kemper Norton’s long out-of-print first album Season One is now available from the band as a free download, First Season

* From Corporate Records, the un-label that brought you one of my favorite albums this year (Songs for Swinging Lovers by The Indelicates) comes a choose-your-price-including-FREE EP from the band Dirty North entitled Know What I Think?

* Comedy, fantasy, and interview in audio form from writer Ian Potter.

* Finally, short sharp shocking bizarro fiction by Made in DNA (He also has an Amazon store)


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