Friday, after the kids are out of school, we’re on the road from Indianapolis to Chicago, where I will be at Wizard World for the second consecutive year. I attended last year’s on the basis of trying to put my first feelers out for breaking in, and of course, meet Mark Millar. Which I did, and a great time was had by all. And then some other shenanigans happened which I won’t get into, but it set me on a course for something I’ll tell you all about on Monday. Promise.

In any event, I won’t have a table, but I will be walking the floor, selling copies of A Fistful of Comics, some remaining copies of There Is A Light I discovered I still have (I thought I got rid of them all at C2E2), and maybe a few other goodies by me as well.

I’ll also be shilling Hadron Colliderscope for all it’s worth, as well as giving people a first look at an upcoming SERIES by me (If you’re lucky, YOU might get that look TOMORROW).

So, if you see me, either on the floor or later at the Hyatt bar, say hi. I’ll be the one dressed as a grown-up. As ever.


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