Catching Up

Hello, stepchildren of the atom.

Been a heck of a week, for both good and bad reasons, so glad I’m seeing the back of it now. This week begins anew.

Last weekend, of course, I was at Wizard World Chicago. It was a better show than I expected, but all the same, it’s not quite a “comic con” anymore, especially since the big draws this year were William Shatner, Brent Spiner and, er, Rod Blagojevich. (Yeah.) Artist’s Alley was great this year, but overall I don’t think it’s the kind of show I’m interested in anymore, so I think I’m going to skip it next year. I will most definitely be at C2E2 2.0 in April, however. And New York Comic Con this coming October. Beyond that, not sure.

Did a lot of pimping for Hadron Colliderscope. I was supposed to have sold copies of A Fistful of Comics on the floor, however I had less cash on hand than I’d originally thought and couldn’t make the initial investment without guarantee of return, so, er, sorry about that Jim. Artist Mike Champion however was selling them, and I even got to sign a few copies. That was a little thrilling, I have to say.

On the subject of selling, I am now completely out of There Is A Light. None, zip, nada. No more. I don’t even have my own copy, it seems. It’s done, at least for now, probably for good, since the artist John Keogh seems to want to draw a line under it for reasons I’m not sure about, but since it’s half his, he’s allowed. If you really want to read it, and haven’t yet, you can do so here.

The Avatar Press people were wonderful as ever, despite not getting to see either William Christensen or Jacen Burrows this time around. Met Rich Johnston at last, and re-met Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer. Good times. Also got to hand Brian Azarello a Keeper flyer, which was good for me as he’d seen early art for this one, and we’d talked about it the last two times we’d met.

Also ran into two people I haven’t seen since the days of Moondog’s Comics way back when. Keith Anderson still runs a shop in Schaumburg, IL, which I’ve been to before but not for a good while. I also saw Ramsey Ruseff, now a writer as well, his book now out Billy the Monster Hunter seems to be a good all-ages horror title.

Two other comics of note from the piles of swaps and such:

* Yi Soon Shin – A historical military comic about legendary Korean naval commander who defended Korea from the Japanese onslaught in the 16th Century. Writer/creator Onrie Kompan is a terribly nice man. There’s 2 issues of the book out now, and you can even read them online at CO2 Comics.

* Verity Fair by Terry Wiley. Great story about an over-40 actress trying to get by after the agency she worked for went up in flames, literally. It’s even online via old friend Jay Eales and The Girly Comic right here. Do seek out the printed copies tho.

That’s all for now. Let’s get back to work, shall we?


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