Yes yes, I know, it’s been almost a month since I posted. Not like you missed me or anything.

So then:

* This weekend I’m at NYCC in, where else, New York City. Mostly pimping Keeper and Hadron Colliderscope, via means of preview minis, what else? Also I’ll be meeting friends, some for the first time, networking, and trying to get OUT THERE. As well as seeing the world premiere of the Grant Morrison documentary Talking With Gods on Saturday night. Because, y’know, I GOT to.

* Speaking of Keeper, a 6-page preview (the same material going into the NYCC mini) might be up online at MillarWorld as early as tonight. Stay tuned.

* Steve Rude drew Nexus and a bunch of other comics/covers over the years, and now he’s at risk of losing his house on November 15. Let’s stop that, shall we? Tom Spurgeon had a full story about Rude’s plight here, but here is the direct link to his eBay art auctions. Help him out, please?

* I met CB Cebulski at C2E2. Nice guy. He has a list of tips about writers and artists breaking in, specifically at Marvel, at this handy link. Well worth going over again on the eve of NYCC.

* Two distinct groups of 2000AD-related fanzines have new releases. First, the people behind FutureQuake have a set of new zines out, including FutureQuake #16, Something Wicked #6, and a pack of 4 issues of their former publication MangaQuake. Meanwhile, the Quaequam Blog has announced new issues of both Dogbreath and Zarjaz. Not a bad time to be a 2000AD fan then.

Anyway, might catch you later tonight.


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