KEEPER Preview

The 6-page preview of Keeper is now up at MillarWorld.

Why there? Because we’re trying it out for CLiNT Magazine, as well as other venues. The official Keeper site will have updates as time goes on.

As I note in the intro on the board:

And at long last, KEEPER.

WHy do I say that? Well, because first of all, this was originally a ZUDA submission. And we all know how they ended up. Problem is, the pages were already drawn when the kill-order was handed down, so it’s in “Zuda-format” they remain, at least for now. Of course, if we’re picked up, we will gladly redraw them for normal format!!

Second, I SHOULD have had this ready around the time of Wizard World Chicago, but our original colorist disappeared off the face of the earth. So in the midst of having a newborn, Jeff (who does post here seldomly) hand-colored this with markers. And, er, crap, I see an error in the coloring, but oh well, you can figure out which one that is.

In any event, the pilot episode of KEEPER. A football strip with a twist. Oh, yes.

Writer: Geoffrey D. Wessel
Artist/Colorist: Jeff Simpson
Letters: The one and only Jim Campbell

Read it here. And please, let me know what you think…


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