Nazi Thor Fans F**k Off

Yeah, that’s right.

Some White Supremacist group calling itself the “Council of Conservative Citizens” (Link redirects to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s listing as to why this is a hate group) has called for a boycott of Marvel’s upcoming Thor movie on the basis of casting Black, English actor Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire) as the god Heimdall.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say “Good riddance.” Take your phony Odinism and your backward false agenda and get out. Go do… something else that doesn’t involve you not knowing a godsdamned thing about myth, culture, politics or religion.

A news report about this charade here at CBR, and a far more snarky response by Comics Alliance’s Andy Khouri here.

I will say I’m glad that this is casting some light on the tendency for White Supremacist groups to adopt a false Odinism/paganism/Asatru/whatever that’s come about in recent times. I know shitheads like this take their Teutonic myths very seriously, backwards as they practice it. (I wrote a script about this very tendency, starring the Odinson, for a script tryout a couple of years back.)

But really, go away. Comics, and the Thor movie, doesn’t need you. And frankly, nobody will notice.

Also: you forgot the Asian actor Tadanobu Asano ALSO playing a Norse god, Hogun the Grim, but he’s not famous and won’t get you headlines, right?

Fuck off.


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