Back To Work

Hello. Happy 2011 to you. 2010 wasn’t as bad for me, personally, as it seemed to be for some. If you’re one of those who had a disastrous 2010 (besides, you know, the whole English speaking world at large) my apologies.

2010 was interesting. I had wonderful experiences, met beautiful people, had soul-crushing defeats, found out who was who… I saw comics I made go online and in print, and made some headway breaking in. Saw my children grow. One even graduated. Don’t know what will be next in 2011, but it’s going to be great, I promise. Thanks to everyone who helped make 2010 as good as it was.

Along with that, here are some of the cod-standard Resolutions that people make. I’ve got seven this year:

* Resolution 1: Clear out, purge, and clean up my Internet areas. Including finally BORKING LiveJournal and MySpace. So, if you’re still reading this on my LJ, you need to move over to soon.

* Resolution 2: Get back on track with my diabetes-living. Went off the rails a little bit and I’m back to my pre-2009 weight.

* Resolution 3: When I drink beer, drink only local brews.

* Resolution 4: Give up drinking soda.

* Resolution 5: Produce at least three full issues of Keeper, and get PAYING work in the comic industry SOMEWHERE, creator-owned or work-for-hire.

* Resolution 6: Ditching people around me whose sole purpose is to bitch and complain without DOING anything about it.

* Resolution 7: Do more for the people who’ve done right by me.

Eminently doable, right?

Interesting item this morning: DC Comics is bringing back the good old-fashioned letters columns. Now, this is at the expense of 2 pages of story and art per issue, in order to bring the price point back down to $2.99/issue (Christ. My first comic was 25-cents. When I first started reading full-time, the typical Marvel was 60-cents whilst DC was 75-cents. Lord, how the times have changed), but I like this idea.

Letters (or emails) only saw print if they were put together in such a way that you seemed to know how to form coherent thoughts. Compare that with your average message board. “Lick my taint you rapists of my childhood” won’t be getting printed in Superman anytime soon. Plus, I think since comics is still way stuck in the Old Ways, a lettercol is somewhat tangible proof (other than sales) that a title has a readership. Just imagine if that were the case with, oh, say, the much-lamented-by-the-Internet Thor: The Mighty Avenger? Something to ponder.

Y’know, I just remember when I was reading, the first time Paul Cornell was printed by DC was in the letters column of DOOM PATROL. We talked about it in our interview, in fact!

The first real pre-cursor to Usenet-like conversation in comics was in the letters column of SWAMP THING re: “The Curse,” between Trina Robbins, the readership, and Alan Moore himself. That talk went on for a YEAR! Sure, it was slow, but it stayed on-topic!! Now admittedly, I’m sure MOST of these letters will still be reprints of emails. Fair do’s. But emails that took time to get coherent? Yes.

And of course someone else pointed out this helps give a book an IDENTITY again. Writing to a specific title.

I’m all for it.

Finally, a blog you need to see this year: A Moment of Moore, every daily printing a scene by Alan Moore. Beautiful.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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