Uh brother. The GOP House is a bunch of grandstanding ninnies, Keith Olbermann’s quit/been fired from MSNBC, and nerds have hijacked my daughter’s birthday because Joss Whedon decided that was Buffy’s birthday too. Guh.

In better news:

* The full Issue #0 of my sports-crime serial KEEPER is now ONLINE at You may have seen an earlier version of this when it was posted at MillarWorld as a tryout for CLiNT Magazine. Now it’s online in its entirity, with 2 pages never before seen. Issue #1 proper is in progress. Response so far has been great. Even fans of the actual football club that the one in the strip is based on have found it, and most of the response has been great. Think myself and Jeff Simpson (and Jim Campbell!) are on to something here. Incidentally, Jeff and I will be at C2E2. More details as they come.

* Back in October I made a pitch for a story idea to a new, “community-written” web drama series called Bar Karma. And promptly forgot about it. Friday morning I got an email stating that my pitch is being produced now. UM, WOW? Now, I have no idea when this will be, and the final form the story idea will take will invariably be altered from what I wrote because, that’s Hollywood. And it’s spec, of course. But, hey, wow. The series’ premiere is February 11. Stay tuned. [NOTE: I’m hearing these links are blocked outside of the USA. Sorry.]

* Getting some other things lined up that I hope I can talk about soonish.

* In the mail arrived the second issue of the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. I think this is the last one I’m entitled to, and not sure I’ll renew. Still, the first article has a neat comparison of Alan Moore’s Promethea and the tale of Cuchulain from the Ulster Cycle. Also a talk with Joe Sacco, and an overview of comics in India. But the article on the two comics produced about Alice Cooper? Why?

* Just a reminder: if you’re reading this via my LiveJournal or MySpace, both of those forums are going away very soon. Please move over to, my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Thank you.


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