KEEPER #1 Preview Pencils

Yes, KEEPER #1 is in production. Meanwhile, here are some nice words people have said about it:

Phil Hester (Firebreather, The Anchor, Wonder Woman) says: “Readers of Keeper can count themselves lucky to be in on the beginning of a startlingly innovative writer’s career.”

Rob Williams (Low Life, Cla$$war, Punisher: Get Castle) says: “Keeper draws you into nostalgia for those Roy Of The Rovers, Tiger and Look-In strips of your childhood and then, with a shocking twist reveals itself to be something bloodier and far more thrilling.”

Jacen Burrows (Crossed, Neonomicon) offers: “One of the more intriguing premises I’ve seen, I can’t wait to see where this sport horror hybrid goes. A solid beginning to what promises to be a mind bending thriller.”

So, there’s that. But don’t take MY word for it. See for yourself!

Meanwhile, here are some preview pencils by Jeff as we get #1 ready (click on image to see full size):

More news very soon!

Oh, also, check out Hadron Colliderscope today — nothing by me, but Michael Bramley and Josh Mathus have done an authorized adaptation of a short story by none other than Warren Ellis. I might be a bit jealous. Anyway, check out “FuTube now!


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