C2E2 2011

I’m still up and shouldn’t be, but there you are.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending C2E2 2011 in Chicago’s McCormick Place for the weekend, right on Lake Michigan, for what’s sure to be a great view of that moon we’re supposed to have Saturday night.

KEEPER artist Jeff Simpson and myself will be actually behind a table, WC06 in the Webcomic Pavillion, conveniently stuck in the furthest corner from ANYTHING in Artist Alley. But, be there we will, and we’d love to see you there. Issue 0 will be on sale there for a mere two dollars cash money American. Have you read the opening pages to Issue 1 yet? You should. Damn you.

I’ll also have a new edition of There Is A Light for sale, complete with a brand new cover by good old John Keogh.

Unfortunately, I won’t have anything related to Hadron Colliderscope for sale as I ran out of time to print the bastards up, so for that I am sorry; however I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I do have this week’s strip, which is a “reprint” of the failed CLiNT submission “The Talented Doktor Prokroth” that I did with Walter Ostlie.

So, please stop by. You can contact me on Twitter or Facebook, thanks to the magick of Android, and I’ll find you if I’m not around.

Have a great weekend.


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