Comix For Sale

Alright, brass tacks:

I have 87 copies of KEEPER #0 and 65 copies of the 2nd Edition of There Is A Light that I had printed up for C2E2 2011 that went unsold. They’re taking up space and I’m dead broke and need the money. If you’d like either, please consider the prices below:

KEEPER #0 – The complete debut story, reconfigured from the Zuda-style layout to regular comic book form (courtesy of Rod McKie). Written by me, art by Jeff Simpson, letters and design by Jim Campbell. Includes pencil previews for Issue 1, and testimonials from such luminaries as Phil Hester and Jacen Burrows. $3.50 ($2 cover + shipping/handling)

There Is A Light 2nd Edition – the complete 10 page fantasy saga of barbarians, reincarnation, and Morrissey. Under a new cover by original artist John Keogh. Includes our contribution to the celebrated Phonogram vs. the Fans zine from San Diego 2009. $2 ($1 + shipping/handling)

Two For One – Get a copy of both for a mere $5.

Please Paypal all orders to gdwessel [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Thank you.


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