Back To It in 2012

Hey gang. Good morning, and good 2012. I’m currently writing this at my girlfriend’s in Chicago, on a snow covered farm. I almost expect to see Joan of Arc riding by soon while I’m not looking. And this is what we’re affectionately referring to “the summer house,” except there’s a room in the front which holds the frigid cold, so we’re keeping meats and beer in arms reach, at optimum cooling temperature.

I know I fell off the blogging wagon way back in… August? I guess I always think I should blog only when I have some actual news, but I also do a lot of the yip-yappin’ on Twitter and Facebook as it is. The fact of the matter is, while I haven’t thought I’ve had a lot of news on my end, a LOT has happened.

* First and foremost, KEEPER is in the middle of Issue 2, with page 8 going live earlier this week. Just remember, it’s updated on Wednesdays, usually without fail.

* We’re going to have some absolutely MAJOR news regarding KEEPER coming up here soon. I’ve been told, technically, I can announce it NOW, but… I’d rather everything be Official official. That being said, you can probably guess what it’s about.

* What else has gone on? I got divorced, finalized in October. I’ve got the kids. And thank Gods for THAT.

* We got robbed, too. After almost 8 years of being in the same place, without any hassles, we got burgled while I took the kids out trick-or-treating on Halloween. Nice, eh? Way to ruin my favorite holiday. Well, we’ve now moved. Decided it was time. It’s odd , tho. Liam was BORN while in that place, it was the only one he’d ever lived in. But he was frightened of that apartment after the robbery. Didn’t help that some fuckstick kept banging on our windows the Tuesday before Christmas. We’re in a much better place now, both in residence and in life, honestly.

* I did several interviews for Comics Bulletin, the first ones I’ve done in a while. Back in October I interviewed Chris Sims about his new comic series Dracula the Unconquered, which turned into a missive about the nature of cultural mashup comics and sundry. You can read that here.

* After that, I had a nice chat with 2000AD superstar Al Ewing, ostensibly about his takeover of Jennifer Blood off Garth Ennis, but of course since this is me, and I tend to go on all sorts of tangents in my interviews, it even ends with a round of Name That Tune. Yeah, I know.

* I also wrote an absolutely scathing review of, well, one of the worst comics I’ve ever read, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, and believe me the less said about that, the better. But go read what I had to say, as I’ve already… erm… said it. Yeah.

* (Hmm, just noticed my bio on that article still says I’m working 2 jobs and married. Might wanna change that.)

* It’s been brought to my attention that Hadron Colliderscope; has been doing comics again, although I’ve not had a strip printed there since a re-do of a previous strip with new art in July. But, you know. I’m sure I’ll have something there soon.

* I’ve got lots more coming. I’m busy. I’ve also got a bunch of opinion pieces coming. You can see them “live” on Twitter/Facebook or wait for me to remember this place again.

Seriously tho, I’m back to using this again. We’re all gonna have a good time, right? Right.

Have a wonderful and weird 2012. Talk soon.


One Response to “Back To It in 2012”

  1. James Says:

    Damn…you’ve been a little busy. No wonder you never call your brother.

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