Thank You / DISCHARGED artist

Hey Gang:

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to everyone that responded and helped spread the word about my quest for an artist on my DISHARGED project. I got some very good responses (and, well, a few NOT so good ones), and was chuffed to see how many retweets and shares I got for the want-ad, including from pros. Even made a mention on Bleeding Cool yesterday.

However, an artist HAS been selected. I’m pleased to announce that ALWYN TALBOT will be drawing the series. He’s a veteran of 2000AD, as well as select DC Comics and videogames. He also has “pedigree” as I asked for, and then some, as his father is British comics legend Bryan Talbot. But really that’s neither here nor there, and Alwyn’s on board, and I can’t wait to get this to you.

On that note, great article on Bleeding Cool today about the new print distribution model happening with titles right now that is definitely informing my current mode, mood, and plans.

Thanks again.


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