Comic News Thingies

* I’ve been told that within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be part of a book being published in Belfast by mad Irishman Andy Luke based on his webcomic Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones, all about America’s favorite conspiracy theorist sweetheart. Mine’s a 1-pager, centered around the Super Bowl that just happened. Trust me, it’ll all make sense. I didn’t draw my strip, that honor fell to Sean Duffield of Paper Tiger Comix. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I highly recommend you read the comic Andy did with Stephen M. Downey called Absence, all about Andy’s life with epilepsy.

* Creator Owned Day on Twitter was a big success, if my Twitter feed is anything to go on. Was glad to contribute my own small part to it. The concept drawings by Alwyn Talbot for DISCHARGED were pretty well received. Si Spurrier (late of 2000AD, X-Club and CROSSED: Wish You Were Here) even made mention how he saw the pitch (which is true, as I asked for his help in the artist search which lead to Alwyn), which means I guess I need to deliver the goods, yeah?

* A few particular creator-owned books I want to mention real quick, in this spirit:

Sam Humphries has been a major inspiration the last few months, mostly for the way he’s gone about his business, particularly with Our Love Is Real and Sacrifice, his publishing/distribution methods, etc. He has a pretty high-concept SF saga called Higher Earth coming from BOOM! soon as well.

— At long last, a new issue of Orc Stain appeared this week. And good thing, because, ha ha, holy shit, there is no other comic like it out there. I heart James Stokoe.

— Found this one through the channels, but another self-publisher named Gordon McLean apparently took his job severance money, sold his Playstation games, hired artist Caio Oliveira, and produced No More Heroes. Story deals with a regular shmoe whose flippant drunk text drives a beloved superhero to commit suicide. Now he and the superhero’s sidekick wants to know why. Available in print or digital form. [Link fixed, derp]

— Gerry Alanguilan is probably more known for his internet videos at this point, but he’s still a fantastic artist and a very important modern creator in the Phillipines. He’s mostly known lately over here, comicswise, for inking Leinil Francis Yu on numerous projects, including Superior and the upcoming Supercrooks (both written by Mark Millar). He was also one of the first pros to really TALK to me over the Twitter thing, and even drew a KEEPER pinup. Online, you can see his first ever graphic novel Wasted, his comic strip tribute to his dog Eugene, and the first issue of his Eisner-nominated graphic novel Elmer (direct .CBR file download).

— A writer/artist named Monty Nero has teamed up with another artist, Mike Dowling (Rex Royd) and will be bringing you the series Death Sentence when Millar’s CLiNT Magazine does its big relaunch in May. High concept: an STD that gives you superpowers but kills you within six months. Brilliant. Read a big interview about the whole concept here. Can’t wait to read it.

— The press release for Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch’s forthcoming Image book America’s Got Powers was gloriously inflammatory: TWICE AS MUCH AS MARVEL FOR A DOLLAR LESS. And you know what? Good. Exactly what the comics market needs. Affordable books with a decent amount of pages. The price/page content ratio is way way WAY out of hand. Good for Wossy and Hitchy.

— Finally, what does it say about the impact that Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s glorious series Phonogram had on me when the announcement at Image Expo of a third series, Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl, overshadowed the fact that my guru Grant Morrison had a book coming from Image this year with Darick Robertson. Beyond ecstatic to have the book back. Truly, one of my top five comics ever. (You can read my previous interview with Gillen here).

All for now.


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