Hey gang.

First off, the gdwessel.com domain name has just auto-renewed for another year, so you’re stuck with me til 2013 now, ha ha.

Second, a book I previously mentioned, Hold The Phone, It’s Alex Jones, is now available for sale in print. The book is out of Belfast, Northern Ireland, which means all the ordering info is in pounds sterling. That being said, you can order it from:

Andrew Luke
22 Quinton Street
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Or Paypal from drew.luke@gmail.com

Cost is £4.00, add £1 for overseas postage.

I have a mere one-pager, drawn by Sean Duffield of Paper Tiger Comix. It also features some strips by my good friend and known Internet weirdo Benjamin “Benchilada” STone.

The whole thing is courtesy of the aforementioned Andrew Luke, currently performing a residency at the Belfast Arts and Disability Forum, through which he’s also doing a new journalism comic project called NewsZoom. You should also read the comic he did with Stephen M. Downey about his life with epilepsy called Absence.

As to who this Alex Jones person is, if you don’t know, Google him. I’m not giving that psychopath the clickthroughs from my site.



  1. […] is my contribution to Andrew Luke’s insane underground strip Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones!. It was written immediately after Super Bowl XLVI when the idea hit me, after struggling for weeks […]

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