FREEDOM by Seamus Heffernan

Sometimes, it’s great to admit when you’re wrong.

To wit, I would have sworn up and down my favorite comic book from yesterday would have been SUPERCROOKS by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu (and good old Gerry Alanguilan too). And had I not seen the last remaining copy of FREEDOM by Seamus Heffernan, it would have been.

But I did see FREEDOM, and it is gorgeous.

It’s seven dollars, but you see what you pay for. It’s a big thick comic (76 pages, and not in traditional comic size either), filled with drawings made to evoke Colonial era woodcuts. It’s a fantasy story in a 1779 Boston where the British won, and the Sons of Liberty seem a bit more traditionally terroristic than patriotic, at least so far. And then there’s Adam Farr, a teenaged boy caught in the middle of it all, while fixating on the mythical Liberty Eagle.

Self-published, it won a Xeric grant last year. One of the last ones, indeed.

There’s a preview PDF right here. Do yourself a favor. And Seamus, too, he just had a baby and all.


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