Hey gang. Back at the summer farm this weekend. In which I’m going to do nothing but watch football and write all weekend. Yes indeed.

A few things I’ve been meaning to get off my chest recently, but then I start writing it out, and I go off the rails and get all rambly. And then Eric Stephenson of Image goes and says a bunch of it in a Bleeding Cool interview yesterday anyway. (Tho he does kinda dog on a book I contributed to, but…)

So here go a few bullet points:

* Mark Waid decides to do a digital-only venture. Never does he say he’s abandoning print, and indeed is still writing Daredevil for Marvel. So of course we have stores on the internet (including one who’s namesake owner is just as well known for talking like a cunt as he is for being a prime mover of the #comicmarket hastag on Twitter) boycotting Waid’s books and badmouthing him in general. Says it all. Wonder why the stores are devoid of all but 45-year-old manchildren? Maybe the hostility of the stores might have something to do with it?

* Waid is right IMO about 99-cents being the cost of digital. That being said, 2000AD now going same-week digital on both the Prog and the Judge Dredd Megazine is HUGE, when you consider even now, you have to wait weeks for them to hit the US shops, and at a jacked up import price. $2.99/week for 2000AD digitally is still cheaper. And now it’s same week. AWesome. This can only help the titles, honestly.

* Pricing for print comics is ridiculous too, yeah? $3.99 for 20 pages you finish in 10 minutes, bullshit right? Consider: Sam Humphries & Francesco Biagini’s Higher Earth, a $1 number one. Si Spurrier’s Extermination, a $1 number one. Azzarello/Risso’s Spaceman, a $1 number one. I’m seeing a good pattern here. Avengers v. X-Men should be a $1 number one too. It ain’t. Wonder which I’m going to be more inclines to buy, and continue to support. Even the America’s Got Powers doing a double issue for $2.99 is preferable. I’m totally in for that as well.

* Eric Stephenson said this best, so I’m just going to copypasta him, re: Kickstarter: “[I]t seems like a great way for people to get their projects funded and made, but I think there’s a difference between successfully raising funding for something and actually creating something of value. […] If Kickstarter is a way for genuinely talented creators to get their work out there, that’s fantastic and I hope we get some awesome comics out of it, but you know, I think the most important thing is to actually do the work. If it’s good, everything else will fall into place. If it’s not, all the funding in the world isn’t going to help you.”

* Creators, Companies and Journalists: REMEMBER THE FUCKING ARTISTS IN THE HYPE. Seriously. More journalists than creators here, but getting tired of having to search and search for which artist(s) are attached to a book. Like I did just now for Higher Earth. Still don’t know who is drawing Extermination. I know comics are a writer-driven industry now, but you don’t have a comic book without the art. This goes double when determining rights and ownership.

Right, took me too long to write that. On to writing more DISCHARGED.


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