Who Wants Some Old Original EC Comics?

OK, first off, I am NOT selling these. I merely met this man today while buying comics, and told him I’d do him a favor, as he CLEARLY had no idea about what he had or what he’s trying to do.

There are some old, OLD, ORIGINAL EC Comics here in Indianapolis that this gentleman I met is trying to sell. They belonged to his now-passed-away father. I didn’t look at TOO MANY of them, but I did see MAD #10, and a couple of Two-Fisted Tales.

CAVEAT: these comics are nowhere close to mint condition, and in fact are also moldy and a bit musty too.

All that being said, they are the originals, and who knows what ancient comic treasures lurk within.

I am not going to post the gentleman’s contact info, however if you reply to me (filtered comments) and are serious, I will pass the information along.

Again: THESE ARE MOLDY WORN AND OBVIOUSLY READ COMICS. But value is whatever you make it to be.


2 Responses to “Who Wants Some Old Original EC Comics?”

  1. What are you talking here… like orginal “Tails from the Crypt.” He doesn’t have any old E.C. Mad comics, does he?

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