Suggested Reading 2012.04.05

* The 2012 Eisner Award nominations were announced yesterday, and the most glaring omission is the dropping of the Best New Series category. “The judges chose to not have the New Series and Painter categories this year because they didn’t find enough contenders that reached the level of quality they were looking for.”

I don’t much care for awards to begin with, but for that bullshit, the Eisners can kiss my entire ass.

* Moving on from the hatred and bile, here’s a good article about some of the immediate fallout of Graphic.Ly’s switch from app to eBook publishing.

* A thought-provoking article from Mark Waid about the realities of the economics of merely PRINTING comics. Tho I do note from the comments, he purged an erroneous reference to my old haunt of Muncie, Indiana. Haha.

* Finally, an absolutely EPIC interview with Brandon Graham (King City, Prophet, Multiple Warheads) that goes into bad contracts, and sticking with it. Gorgeous.


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