“Officially Out Of Ideas”

“Joe Quesada was asked if the Ultimate Universe and the Main Marvel Universe would ever cross over and he replied no. Quesada said he’d rather close down one universe than have them cross over because it meant they were officially out of ideas.”(source)

Well you said it, not me, Joey!

Avengers vs. X-Men. Before Watchmen(*). Spider-Men.

Welcome to the Accountant Age of Comics, True Believers!

In contrast, just today I picked up Saga #2 and America’s Got Powers #1. Both very thick books in content and physicality, and going a dollar cheaper than either of the Big 2 on average.

Yeah. Excelsior, motherfuckers.

(*) – Yes, I know Before Watchmen is DC. Point remains – name ANYONE outside of the Accounting Department or their bosses who was clamoring for any of these three “events.” Yeah, thought not.


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