Omens and Shilling and Catching Up

Hey gang. Why don’t I have more blog followers? Oh. Right. I barely remember to update, haha.

First, TOMORROW (May 5, 2012) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. So get out and get your free comic books. And thank the stores for buying them for you.

Second, C2E2 went rather well for Jeff Simpson and myself, thanks. We sold out of the (admittedly small) print run of KEEPER #1, with only 3 copies as giveaways (including a really lopsided trade with Scott Snyder). I wrote about it for two articles at Bleeding Cool. Including a gawdawful pic of me from a dark time of my life. UGH.

On that note, you really should be continuing to read KEEPER, especially since we’re in the home stretch of Issue 2, and the insanity has been ramped up. Seriously. And there will be some news about the title very soon as well. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned. It’s a game changer.

You also should be following the official site for Discharged as we’ve posted numerous tidbits of goodness from Alwyn Talbot’s lovely work on the series.

Here’s something: preview art for a story I wrote called “Omen” that will be in a comic debuting at KAPOW in two weekend’s time. Art is by Steve Penfold, who draws a demented comic called Moon.



More on that to come.

I might have a few interviews coming up. Don’t know yet. I’ll let you know.

Wanted to grouse a bit about comics and the business but not in the mood now. Maybe soon. Not like there’s not a lot to grouse about.

Have a good one. Enjoy FCBD tomorrow. RIP MCA.


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