Free Comic BY-ME Day: Full Disclosure

Hey gang. Happy Free Comic Book Day.

Here’s something: a while back, Warren Ellis asked for three panel comic strips to post on his blog. I did one with my Unite and Take Over Volume II partner Kelly “Treebeerd” Williams. It’s called “Full Disclosure.” We sent it in. It never ran. So we’re running it here, today. Enjoy.

click to embiggen

I’ve got plenty of other “free comics” out there too:

There Is A Light, a tale of barbarians, reincarnation, and Morrissey, drawn by John Keogh.
— He and I also did this: “Musique Non Stop,” which ran in the celebrated Phonogram vs The Fans from a few years back. Still one of my absolute favorite pieces I’ve done.
— Long time readers should remember, I’ve also got a ton of stories at Hadron Collidersope as well. Some of them are pretty good.
— And of course, KEEPER, my long-term concern, a soccer serial killer thriller drawn by Jeff Simpson that a lot of people have said some good things about. So read up, won’t you?



2 Responses to “Free Comic BY-ME Day: Full Disclosure”

  1. […] What’s this?? A post with no pictures to look at?! I figure you are either (a) relived or (b) disappointed. If your feelings fall into the (a) category, then you are bound to be disappointed. If you fall into the latter, then rejoice! I have two, yes TWO offerings for you on this fineFree Comic Book Day, via other blogs. First up is a strip I did with Geoffrey D. Wessel, who I also worked with on Unite and Take Over Volume II. Warren Ellis had a thing where he asked for 3 panel comics to post on his site a while back. We did this, never went up, so Geoffrey posted it up on his blog today. Click to go read FULL DISCLOSURE […]

  2. […] is The Cabinet by Christian Sager and my artist for “Paint A Vulgar Picture”(+) / “Full Disclosure”, Kelly Williams. I also see Quandary by old Zuda era pal Janine Naimoli Frederick and her husband […]

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