Free Comic BY-ME Day: Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones!

Yeah, me again. I’ve been neglecting to mention this, so I guess I’ll tie it in with Free Comic BY-ME Day too.

This is my contribution to Andrew Luke’s insane underground strip Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones!. It was written immediately after Super Bowl XLVI when the idea hit me, after struggling for weeks to get one for Andy. It is in turn drawn by Paper Tiger Comix’s Sean Duffield.


click to embiggen

If you like, or need more convincing, there’s more strips here, by Luke, Benjamin STone, and others.

The part I’ve been neglecting: you can now BUY the complete Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones! digitally at myEbook for a pittance. The way digital oughta be. Or, if you prefer the old fashioned way, you can order it for £4.00 (add £1 for overseas postage) from:

Andrew Luke
22 Quinton Street
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Or Paypal from

Right, I’m done today.


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