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The latest issue of sci-fi magazine Starburst (#376) features a mention of DISCHARGED as part of a larger piece about the Talbot family by writer P.M. Buchan:

I’ve started writing monthly one-off comic strips for each issue of Starburst and the artist for this month’s strip The Fall is Alwyn Talbot, who last year coloured his father’s pencils on the 2000 AD strip Caterpillars, written by Mike Carroll. Despite a decade spent working on concept art in the computer game industry Alwyn’s first love has always been comics and his first published comic work was in Negative Burn back in 1993. His next project will be the creator-owned series Discharged, written by G D Wessel, which tells the story of a group of space marines that complete their mission and return home to a planet that couldn’t care less.

The piece also talks at length about Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, the new graphic novel by Dr. Mary and Bryan Talbot. As noted above, Alwyn Talbot also has a comic strip written by Buchan in this issue.

You can order the issue here.


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