Hey gang.

We’re having, or had, depending on when you read this, some snafus with KEEPER‘s main domain not going to where it should. In future, you can also go to if the main site doesn’t jibe. Sorry about that. Domain ownership transfer buggery I’m sure.

Meanwhile, both KEEPER artist Jeff Simpson and I made appearances in other webcomics last week. Jeff drew last Wednesday’s edition of The Gutters, a sometimes raunchy parody of the comic industry. I actually remember strip writer Ryan Sohmer talking to us at C2E2 back in April, so glad to see this turned out alright for Jeff.

For my part, I (or rather, my Twitter account) made a cameo appearance in last week’s edition of Insufferable, the webcomic by Mark Waid + friend of the program Peter Krause. I recognize some of the other Twitter handles there too.

Anyway, hopefully this’ll all be resolved by the time you read this. Carry on.


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