KEEPER Needs A New Artist

Hey gang.

Well, I’ve sat on this for three months now, between C2E2 and San Diego, and with all the delays in getting the ComiXology editions out, etc. etc., the fact of the matter is, there’s been no new KEEPER material produced in a year, and I really want to keep this going.

Jeff Simpson has opted to leave KEEPER, and opted to do so before C2E2, but we decided to keep a lid on it at that time so as to not put a spoiler on the launch of Atypical. Long story short, it’s a personal choice on his part and I’ve sadly but graciously had to accept it, as I can’t really hold him hostage to the book.

So, essentially, I am in search for a new artist on KEEPER. Ideally, I’d like to try to get SOME sort of regular schedule back on this book, or indeed, I’d like to still be making this book.

I’m not going in to the whys and wherefores here in this post, but please send me an email directly to gdwessel [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested in helping me continue the saga of Scott Winslow, football, and serial murder.

Thanks for all the support on the book the last couple of years, Jeff and I do appreciate it, but as Jeff seeks to move on, I want to keep KEEPER moving forward.


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