NanoWriMo 2013: 02

She drove with a ghost in the passenger seat.

It was nothing she had anything to do with. Just passing by at just the right place, right time. (Or wrong place, wrong time.) (Or combination thereof.) (Depending on your point of view.) A fresh road accident, single car, single passenger. The ghost wasn’t drunk at the time, she SWEARS it, she swerved to avoid a deer, may God strike me down.

Not exactly the most sincere of vows.

Yet, there this spectre was, refusing to leave. All she’d done was call 911 on her cell to collect the body, get police out there, SOMETHING. As she pulled away, hurrying to make it to Selina’s party.

She was halfway there, when she noticed she had a passenger. Bleeding yet not bleeding. Shivering despite the July heat. Looking right at her with dead eyes.

“Take me away from here?”

She did. She didn’t look at the ghost the rest of the trip. She went to Selina’s party, got drunk beyond belief, passed out in a guest room, left the next morning.

And the ghost was still there. Waiting. Oblivious to the passage of time.

Three months ago.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

She drove back to the spot, halfway to Selina’s house. She pulled over, right next to the tree the ghost’s car smashed into. She could still see the damage, bark stripped, exposed tree flesh. She popped on the emergency brake, and switched the car off. She removed the key to the car, took it off her key ring, and threw it on top of the dashboard. She moved her hand through the ghost, to the glove compartment. She removed the title to the car that she had put in there earlier that day, checked to make sure she’d signed it off, and left it on the seat as she exited the car for the final time. She pulled out her cell phone to call Selina, or a cab, whomever answered first. She looked back at the ghost, one last time, to see it mouthing

“Take me away from here?”

Hell no! she screamed inside her head. I’m putting you back where I found you.


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