NanoWriMo 2013: 09

“Yes, sir, here’s my resume, my salary requirements, everything asked for,” said young Gary Plotkin, dressed in a smart suit, sitting before the man who had promised the Job Of A Lifetime. So far, it seemed too good to be true, but here he was, moments away from being set for life.

The Interviewer raised his hand up. “No, no need, Mr… Plotkin, was it?”

Gary nodded, with a weird look about his face.

“I don’t need your resume, your particulars, any of that. You have the job.”

Gary’s jaw dropped. “Are… well, you haven’t even asked me any questions yet, sir?”

The Interviewer chuckled.

“I don’t need to. I don’t need to interview.”

“But… how many positions are there?”

“Oh,” said the Interviewer, whistling. “An infinite amount.”

Gary Plotkin stood up, quickly, exasperated. “Sir! What is this!?”

“Don’t you see? You already have the job. Since the day you were born. Everything you’ve done, up til now, playing your part in this grand drama of the universe. The same as everyone else on Earth. From your conception, you’ve worked for Us.”

A door opened behind the Interviewer. Multicolored lights bathed Gary Plotkin, who could only sit there, stunned, as it washed over him.

“Now, do you see?”

“Yes,” said Gary. “Yes sir.”


“Now get back to work.”


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