Letter Against Indiana HJR-6

[Excuse the rare party political broadcast. This is a letter I’ve written to my state legislators, asking them to vote against HJR-6, a bill endorsed by Governor Mike Pence to codify the ban against same-sex marriage into the Indiana State Constitution. I’ve written this on behalf of Freedom Indiana and their efforts to quash this ugly, regressive legislation. Please look at their website or Facebook page for more information. The momentum among the citizenry is on the right side, but the legislators need to go with the will of the people. Thank you.]

Representative Hale and/or Senator Merritt:

I am writing as a divorced, heterosexual, cisgendered male, currently a single father of two, living in Castleton. So believe me when I say, I have no personal gain in opposing the proposed HJR-6 amendment to the State Constitution. I already have the full protection of both law and culture in this society, never wanting for anyone to stick up for my rights to join with anyone I wish in matrimony. I’ve never had to ask for them, because they’ve been understood since birth.

However, not all persons in Indiana share that same freedom. The idea that law-abiding persons in this state are at risk not of having those freedoms denied (because, as it stands they already are), but for that denial to be codified and enshrined into the Law of the Land of Indiana, should not sit right with any fairness- or justice-minded individual. Especially, none that sit on the legislature.

While, as I mentioned, my own personal freedoms are not at risk, I know quite a few whose are. That is not the America I was raised to believe in. Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness is the basic tenant of our way of life, or so I have been led to believe. How does this amendment not violate even the basic principal this country was founded on? Love that does not harm anyone should not be denied anyone. And ask yourself, if these freedoms are denied to some, how is anyone free to live? What freedoms will be denied next, and to whom?

I humbly ask, as a voting constituent, to listen to the calls from all over the State of Indiana; from citizens, to companies, to universities. I also ask to look at the tide of history. Just this week, Hawaii voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Over one-quarter of the states in the Union have voted in favor, or allowed, the union of same-sex couples. There will be others. I am not asking to consider Indiana as being one of them (tho I am clearly in favor of it). I am asking you to consider the consequences, socially and economically, of codifying such a ban in the State Constitution, and you listen to your constituents, and your consciences.

Please, deny HJR-6, because it is simply the Right Thing to Do.


Geoffrey D. Wessel


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