NanoWriMo 2013: 30

The weary traveller stopped, dead in his tracks.

He looked before him. There, right in plain view. The climax of his journey. The road he’d walked for many days was near the end, the goal line in sight. But yet, he paused.

Sitting himself down in the dirt, he gazed at the town before him, where the need to walk had been so great he was willing to sacrifice much, for what was, seemingly, so little. Materially, anyway. They didn’t understand. It was something he had to do. Driving, compelling. The yearning to satisfy what was a need, rather than mere desire.

But, what did he learn in the process? What did he lose? What did he GAIN?

That may take another lifetime to really, truly know the answers to those questions.

However, there was another question – Now What?

He picked himself up, brushed off the loose dirt that clung to him, and walked on. He entered the town of his destination. His destiny.

And thought to himself, “Perhaps, perhaps… I shall keep walking on…”

– 30 –


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