NanoWriMo Autopsy

Did your day begin trying to proactively avoid a trademark infringement lawsuit (or worse) from a British fascist group? Because mine did.

Anyway. November’s over. I wrote 30 flashfics in 30 days, under the auspices of “Nano”WriMo, a flashfiction response to NaNoWriMo. And, I succeeded in completing them, if not necessarily getting them read (I can see my pageviews y’all). But that’s OK.

Sometimes these things are good as clearinghouses for ideas stuck in the craw, sometimes it’s a good exercise in coming up with something on the fly. Last time I did this, in 2007, I wrote one that became the basis of KEEPER. This time, fairly early on, I chanced upon one concept, kinda sorta topical, that was not only the most popular one of this Nano venture, but it turns out it unpurposely meshed well with a concept a good writer friend of mine had been toying with. Thus, I think a collaboration is going to come from this, to turn this particular tale into something a bit more substantial.

I only wish I’d had more time to do more with some of the stories. I would run short of writing time, and some of these stories felt like a copout. But the real trick is DOING them, and I did.

So, there. Thirty short fictions in thirty days. Sorted.

Maybe next year I actually WILL take the NaNoWriMo challenge. Maybe. We’ll see.

Stay tuned for more announcements. And thanks for reading.


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