Volume 8 Issue 7 of the Digital Comic of the Year (according to readers at Pipedream Comics) Aces Weekly is now LIVE. It features the conclusion to “Bloodless Coup,” the first serial of SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K. by ME, Neil Ford & Jim Campbell!

You will also find:
* Blue Cat by James Hudnall & Val Mayerik
* Parassassin by Jasper Bark, Alfa Robbi, Yel Zamor and Bolt 01
* The almighty Combat Colin by Lew Stringer!
* Stupidface by Steve Marchant
* Dark Utopia by Mark Montague

SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K. is due to return on February 18th in Volume 9! Stay tuned, check it out, and come on back! Thanks for reading our debut!


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