“Stories Within Stories” – A TRUE DETECTIVE essay

Paul Brian McCoy and Psycho Drive-In have run a piece I wrote called “Stories Within Stories,” about the nature of Fiction vs. Reality vs. Real-Reality in TRUE DETECTIVE.

The first two paragraphs read:

Last week, in the moments before the penultimate episode of True Detective was broadcast, one of the major themes of the series amusingly spilled into the actual real world. Matthew McConaughey, he what plays the fatalistic insomniac alcoholic Rustin Cohle, won Best Actor for his starring role in Dallas Buyer’s Club and… thanked God.

In that moment, the entire Internet (well, OK, my section of it) screeched out in pain, anguish and anger at the notion that Rust Cohle, chaser of the Yellow King himself, gave thanks to a deity he doesn’t believe in! Or… rather, the Internet forgot that Rustin Cohle, and the actor who mouths his dialogue, may in fact be two different entities altogether.

Read the rest here…

Thank you.


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