It’s another one of THOSE panels from Neil Ford, as the fifth part of SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K.’s second serial, “Change of Ideas,” is now LIVE at Aces Weekly. This week, Leader Smalls throws down the gauntlet to Angelopolous and the Greek fascist group Crimson Cross! Will S.H.O.C.K. get out of this one alive?!

SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K. is written by ME, drawn by Neil Ford & lettered by Jim Campbell!

Subscribe to Aces Weekly Volume 9 NOW! for the low low prices of £6.99/$9.99/€7.99 for 7 issues over 7 weeks! 210 pages of international comics talent for less than a tenspot!

This issue ALSO features:

* Blue Cat by James Hudnall & Val Mayerik

* Dungeons & Burglars by Rodolfo Santullo & Jok

* The Ballad of Cuthbert & Kaye by Chris Geary

* Stupidface by Steve Marchant

* Bullhawk by Mal Earl

SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K.: Out of the frying pan, into the fire!…


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