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Hello. If you’re reading this it’s for one of two reasons: you either

a) signed up for this list at http://tinyletter.com/gdwessel


b) you signed a notepad asking you to register for the Atypical Comics mailing list at one of the comic book conventions I exhibited at in 2014, and I’ve just finally gotten around to setting it up.

If you don’t wish to remain, please click the link at the bottom of this email, it SHOULD send you to an unsubscribe page. If not, email me at gdwessel AT hotmail DOT com and I will gladly remove you. Because nobody likes having their Inboxes cluttered.


Right now, the third serial of my political action thriller SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K. is currently running in Aces Weekly, the digital comics anthology run by David Lloyd (he of V FOR VENDETTA fame. He designed those masks you may see on TV or the internet from time to time). In fact, I just looked at the art for this week’s installment. It’s drawn by my good pal Neil Ford, and lettered by the one and only Jim Campbell. It’s basically the story of what happens when a group like Cobra or SPECTRE has a change of management. You should check it out. Seven issues worth of content in a volume for less than a tenspot (dollars, that is), and many legends of the artform take part in it. And me.

KEEPER Issue 4 has been written. Carlos Pedro has begun the art for it. I’m hoping to get it out before Summer. You can catch up on it directly from me in print or digital, or even on ComiXology. As well you should.

In the meantime, I just sent off an article for publication in Bleeding Cool Magazine, and in fact I have an interview I conducted (as interviewee, not subject) coming in the upcoming issue as well. I also have an essay I need to start writing about Parody in CEREBUS that I’ve already blown the deadline for three times now, for a book on the subject that’s being put together by Sequart. They’re a great group of people taking an academic tack towards popular comics criticism. Myself and a friend have a vague idea for a book proposal for them. Maybe we’ll get around to it one day.

All of this is peanuts compared to the project that I’ve been building for years now, and in the latter half of 2014 I was able to really get somewhere with it, up to and including professional editing and signing contracts with artists. Now I have to do the umpteenth rewrite on the vision for the series, and away we go. Stay tuned.


Last night I finally managed to finish CONSUMED, the debut novel by David Cronenberg. I say “finally” because it was a bit of a slog. I’m really of two minds about it. On the one hand, it reads like the sort of novel David Cronenberg would come up with: cannibal murders, obscure STDs, body horror, a look at modern technology and society’s relationship with it. On the other hand, it also reads like someone who clearly has never written prose before. There was clunky description of action and setting that focused on such minutae that it makes you wonder if what we’re reading is important, before it veers off into something else and we never see it referred to again. To make matters worse, there was dialogue no human being on Earth would ever say. The ending read much like someone realizing they’ve met their contracted word count and then said “Well, time to end this.” The end result, sadly, was like a pastiche of William Gibson or Warren Ellis, written by a first-time storyteller. Which is a shame, because Cronenberg is hardly a novice storyteller, and is a master filmmaker, but, well, maybe better luck next time writing the novel.

I think I might be more annoyed about the novel than usual, because as I said this read like Gibson pastiche, and I have the real thing, THE PERIPHERAL (a Christmas gift from Bea) waiting for me. And the next four volumes of Naoki Urasawa’s 20TH CENTURY BOYS. And Satoshi Kon’s OPUS. And…

I also finished binge-watching HOUSE OF CARDS last night, finally catching up with the rest of humanity on that point. I like it, yet about halfway through the first episode of the second season, it just became REAL obvious where this was heading. Well, no moreso than it would have been had you watched the original British HOUSE OF CARDS. Which I have. Frank Underwood is no Francis Urquhart… or maybe it’s more like Kevin Spacey is no Ian Richardson. Still, the next season is coming in February. Maybe it’ll improve. Hope so. There’s other shows I need to catch up on…


Ostensibly, I’m doing this newsletter to start a more strategic withdrawal from most forms of social media, something I went into some detail about in my year-end blog post, so I won’t rewrite it here. Especially Facebook. But, all that said, here’s where else you can find me:

– Website: http://gdwessel.com
– Atypical Comics website: http://atypicalcomics.com
– Twitter: @gdwessel or @AtypicalComics
– Facebook: http://facebook.com/gdwessel
– Instagram: gdwessel
– KEEPER: http://keeper-comic.com

Most of those are very poor on upkeep. Indeed, my personal Twitter is really the only active one. Here, tho, I plan to bethe buzz buzz buzz in the drum of yer ear about once per week, maybe Sundays, maybe other days when the mood strikes me.

Now, I’m preparing to be entombed in ice, or so the weather fearmongers in Indianapolis say. Thanks for reading, hope you stick around for the next episode…

— Geoffrey D. Wessel

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