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I assume since I only got 5 unsubscriptions, but 5 replacement subscriptions, last week, that we are all good to go with what I have to say here. So, hi! I’m in a pretty giddy mood, since the football results went my way today. (That’s soccer, not NFL. I’ve actually not watched the NFL all season. For reasons. That I’ll get into some other time.)


I just saw and approved the lettered art for the next installment of the third SYSTEM S.H.O.C.K. serial, that will go live on Aces Weekly tomorrow. You should get in on that. I’m sure David Lloyd, Neil Ford and Jim Campbell would appreciate it greatly too.

I should probably start writing the fourth serial, too.

But no, this week I will also be finally starting the essay on CEREBUS that I’ve blown off for months. However, that won’t be before I get to finally working up the umpteenth revision of M****. That is, the project I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to this past year. Which needs to be done because it’s just kinda stalled out, and someone I’d like to draw it has been waiting to see it. January has just been sluggish for me, and need to break out of that.

Indeed, a few days ago I had one of those FUCK IT ALL moments where I wanted to quit everything, mostly due to a) financial realities b) seething jealousy. I quickly got over it, of course. But everyone is due to have those moments, and this was my time. Life is getting past these moments, right?

I gotta get that Patreon up soon…


Old Man Update Dept.: My daughter, Miranda, is 16 tomorrow. SIXTEEN. Ho-lee sheeit. She is amazing, every day in every way. She has overcome so much, and to be where she is academically and socially whilst also being on the spectrum is nothing short of greatness. I am so glad to have her, and have her with me. Happy birthday, Miranda Jane.

Going along with that, we had a bit of a party for her yesterday, at a video gaming place. Mostly girls in our group. All playing Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Not to mention, a whole family playing the indie arcade smash KILLER QUEEN. (Yes, Indianapolis has one of only 4 machines in existence. Check my Instagram for photographic evidence of this) So, Gamergate, go fuck yourselves in the worst possible way. For reals. Girls and women ARE part of gaming, whether you like it or not, and you’d best find a way to exist WITH them, or get left behind in the dust.

Not much reading done this week. I started THE PERIPHERAL by William Gibson, and I dig it so far. Most of my attention this week was given to catching up on the so-far-not-officially-released-in-English manga BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA by Kohei Horikoshi, which debuted in the Japanese SHONEN JUMP this past June and has been burning up the charts ever since. And with good reason, too – it’s actual well-done FUN superheroics, the kind that have been sorely missing from mainstream American comics the last, oh, twenty years or so.

(I mean seriously, do we need ANOTHER analogue-ridden “deconstruction” of superheroes? I just read a preview of a series coming from Image that was in one of my weekly purchases, and I read it, and was just shaking my head the whole time. Why do we NEED this in 2015? What can you POSSIBLY say that hasn’t already been done twenty billion times already since the late 1980s? Just STOP IT STOP IT NOW)

But seriously, this stuff is fantastic and I wish Viz would bring it over officially so I don’t have to rely on illegal scanlations for this wonderfulness.

I also have been having some thoughts and feels about non-genre (or more to the point, non-SF/fantasy) indie comics this week, which started due to being dragged into a Twitter talk on where all the football comics have gone. Can’t imagine how I got brought in there, ahem ahem. But while it is true there used to be more diversity in newsstand or even comics on the shelves at direct market stores, there have been a ton more diverse graphic novels on the shelves of regular bookstores. Raina Telgemeier’s trio haven’t been burning up the NY Times bestseller list for nothing. Just to start.

At the same time, the regular, monthly, “floppy” books used to have more to it… a long time ago. I would love, for example, to do an extended book based on my OUTLAW TERRITORY 3 character, but there’s no way I’d ever sell it, because who gives two shits about Westerns that aren’t also Weird Western or Steampunk Western or Space Western or… yeah. Romance comics, remember those? Medical dramas? I don’t know. Maybe this is just rambling. But it seems that for all the talk of indie comics (read: Image and Dark Horse) being on the rise, it seems to mostly be SF or fantasy or horror or crime. Or, y’know. More superheroes.

I’m sure this discussion will come up again.


So I did this list, last week, but totally forgot about Tumblr, which, haha, I’ve pretty much abandoned too bar being a repeater of the blog and my Instagram. Maybe someone needs to train me in Tumblr because I seriously just don’t get it, and maybe I’m not meant to. Feel free to offer advice…

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Anyhoo. Onward, til next week…

— Geoffrey D. Wessel

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