Resuming Broadcasts – UPDATES

Once again laziness with upkeep on this blog thing overtook me, and yet I’ve actually HAD news to report. So, yeah, my bad.

* First and foremost, I’ve hit myself with the revelation that I no longer am in the “breaking in” phase of my comics career. I’ve broken in now. This is confirmed by the fact that Outlaw Territory Volume 3 is officially an a 2014 Eisner Award nominee for Best Anthology. To refresh your memories, I have a story in that called “Problem Solver,” only 8 pages out of 300, but my name and words are in there. So yeah, once that happens, I think I’m in the business. The Eisners are being awarded on Friday, July 25, 2014, at San Diego. I won’t be there, but hope we win regardless.

* Second, in other major news, there is a new issue of KEEPER finished, done, dusted, and printed. In fact, it debuted over this past weekend at Indy Pop Con, which if you weren’t there… well, it was kind of a slow show, but while some people didn’t do so hot, I did pretty OK. In any event, I am beginning the major hype for this new issue starting TOMORROW, with a preview of the cover and a couple of pages.

This also means I’m going to have to dust off the neglected Atypical Comics and KEEPER websites, as well as the @AtypicalComics Twitter handle. And the email address, too. Yeah, I got REAL lazy while nothing was happening. But now I’m back to it with full force. In fact, I’m HOPING to have another issue of KEEPER out by the end of the year. As well as another thing, whether or not it’s from Atypical. And not the manga thing I wanted to do, either. Sultan of Thieves is a dead thing, at least for now. Hoping someday it won’t be, but for now it is. Boo. But we all move on.

EDIT: Oops, and I totally forgot to mention I was on local sports radio station 1070 the Fan over the weekend on their Soccer Saturday show, hyping up KEEPER. You can listen to it here. I’m in at about 48:40.

* At Indy Pop Con, I had people sign up for a mailing list. It turns out I had a lot more people sign up than I thought. So I may have to make this like a REAL mailing list, with a signup and everything. I’m looking into that now. Yeah. I mean, why not, one more thing to not update with any real regularity. Might just be a remailer of the posts here, in fact. Or it’ll be other content. We’ll see. Right now, if I had to list, I’d say given my proclivities to not update this thing, the order of importance with which to follow me would be:
Twitter, @gdwessel (and give @AtypicalComics a follow too, just for laughs)
Tumblr, which I have to say I about concede defeat on. I don’t have the time in the day to perch myself on Tumblr and reblog everything that comes my way, and that lessens my presence on it I’m sure, but maybe I’m not the target audience for using it anyway. Even so, this message is getting posted there too, so who the fuck knows.
– Then this thing. And Atypical’s website. But I’m going to start getting more active there. I SWEAR MAMA!

* In the meantime, I wrote another thing for Psycho Drive-In, this time a short piece about Godzilla vs. Biollante as part of larger piece of the Top Ten Godzilla Movies according to the writers. Of which I was one. And stuff.

* I don’t know anything about future episodes of System S.H.O.C.K. right now. Neil Ford is off doing his own graphic novel at the moment, so, yeah, can’t blame him there. In the meantime, you can always subscribe to Aces Weekly and read the two serials already completed (Volumes 8 & 9).

Right. KEEPER Issue 3 preview coming TOMORROW. Promise.

One Response to “Resuming Broadcasts – UPDATES”

  1. nenamatahari Says:

    I am glad things are going so well for you, Geoff! =)

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